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INFO.Bidding is NOT YET OPEN for this auction, we still have a ton more to add. Probably sometime in Late February.



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188 Brighton Avenue, Rochester, PA

THIS IS NOT AT OUR NORMAL WAREHOUSE – It is around the corner, on the main road, everything is located in the BASEMENT underneath John Brown’s Armoury. Please remember that you will need to carry all of your winning items up a flight of stairs, bring help if necessary.


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100.Chandelier. Art Nouveau, Iridescent Art Glass Shade

note: chip at upper rim
approx 33" ceiling to base
101.Chandelier. Intertwined Deer Horn (not resin)

will require new wiring and sockets
22" top to bottom, 27" wide
102.Cast Iron Parlor Stove

1 leg appears to have been replaced, will require small shim to sit level
32" tall
103.Stained Glass Window. white frame, caramel slag diamond, frosted panels

3 panels with cracks.
18" x 36"
104.Chandelier. filigree metal with glass jewels

32" ceiling to bottom, 17" diameter
105.Mirror. 19th c., black and mustard paints

61" x 30"
106.Chandelier or Ceiling Light Fixture. Better quality, thick brass, 3 lights

16" drop, 15" diameter
107.Reverse painted shade on ceiling light fixture

15" drop, 10" diameter
108.large white glass shade or globe

Approx 12" diameter, 6" rim
109.9 panel stained glass ceiling

period art deco, zinc framing

110.Chandelier, 1920s or 30s, 4 light

32" drop ceiling to base, 18" diameter
111.4 Art Glass Lamp Shades, Signed Lightolier. Iridescent Marigold

5.5", 2.25" rims
112.Stained Glass Window, clear translucent panels with yellow and green sections

38" x 25"
113.Pair of 1920s era electric wall sconce lights and purple Iridescent shades

total of 5 shades are included, several with minor rim chips, the extra with more extensive damage

114.leaded glass window

waviness to window, but stable in frame
49" x 19.5"
115.Wall Light Fixture. very high quality, ornate brass, 2 flanking drop pendant shades, top central globe

16" tall, 15" diameter
116.Carved Wooden Window Shutter Doors

intricate carving, brass adornments, possibly from Morocco
47" x 27"
117.4 White Glass "Schoolhouse" Type Ceiling Light Fixture Shades

approx 10" diameter, 3 7/8" rims
118.Very Long (41" plus 7" shades) 4 Arm Pendant Chandelier

very quality, heavy gauge brass. 1 of the flame shades with a chip

119.Stained Glass Window

1 cracked panel
42" x 30"
120.52" Tall, Hand Carved Roadrunner Statue

must be extremely careful when moving and loading, grabbing from wrong spot could easily cause damage where wings, head, and tail join with the body
52" tall, 60" long. 1 piece, does not disassemble
121.Marble (or other stone) Pedestal

currently separates into 5 easily manageable sections, you may want to investigate how to more permanently bond them together
33" tall
122.1 Section of Steel Gate

very heavy. bring 2 very strong guys or 3 or 4 regularly strong people
96" x 41"
123.Large Wooden Panel From Bar Back or Under Bar Counter

132" x 34"
124.Fireplace Mantle, early black crackled paint

48" x 57", hearth is 31" x 31"
125.Large Wall Mirror (possibly over mantle or over dresser)

51" x 44"
126.Fireplace Mantle

48" tall, 54" wide. hearth opening is 36" x 36"
127.1900s Era Small Cabinet or Low Cupboard

27" wide, 15" deep, 36" tall
128.Frame, possibly from a theatre. 19th c.

also included 2 additional pieces of trim
52" tall, 70" wide
129.Cast Iron Doctor's Scale, W&T Avery

130.Wall Mirror with Carved Figures

59" tall, 59" wide
131.Plaster Plant Stand, Elephant Form

22" tall
132.Cast Iron Wood Stove, Woodruff & Co of Salem, OH

28" wide, 29" tall
133.Pair of Ceramic Floor Urns, Majolica

1 with a broken foot
61" tall
134.Chandelier. Hanging Oil Lamp, partially electrified

135.Leaded Glass Window

at least 1 damaged pane
26" x 56"
136.Stained Glass Chandelier

21.5" diameter
137.Modern Chandelier with Art Glass Shades

28" total diameter
138.4 Antique Light Shades, White Milk Glass with Embossing

some chips at flared rims
2.25" rims
139.Stamped Brass Ceiling Mount Chandelier with Glass Prisms

18" upper plate, 17" drop
140.Forged Iron Hearth Crane?

designed to swing large pots in and out of fireplaces
5' arm
141.White Shade or Globe

5.75" rim
142.Wooden Duck Sculpture, Hand Carved

23" long, 16" tall
143.5 Matching Art Deco Doors

all are about 80" tall. width L to R: 30, 23.75, 29.75, 17.75, 28
144.Solid Oak Paneled Door

145.Stained Glass Window (yellow hued diamonds)

crack lower right side
46" x 32.5"
146.Entry Door

glass panels are a little loose, glue before installing

147.Stone Birdbath (marble, soapstone, or similar)

currently unbounded in 3 pieces that stack together
34" tall
148.Art Glass Chandelier, New In Box (2 Boxes)

149.Victorian Entry Door

Plexiglass Window
84" x 37 3/4"
150.2 Doors for a Built-In Cabinet

151.Pair of French Doors

152.2x of Matching Doors

83.5" x 32 & 84" x 32 1/8"
153.Early Screen Door

81.5" x 35 3/4"
154.Art Deco Torchiere Style Floor Lamp

155.Log Box for Beside Fireplace

156.Large Candle, Large with 3' Diameter

157.Art Nouveau Chandelier

missing one light cover

158.Large Stained Glass Window

with significant damage
48" x 36"
159.57" Long Brass Fireplace Fender, C. 1910s or earlier

160.Art Tile Backsplash Vanity Gallery Section

16" x 42"
161.Fireplace Mantle with Ornate Carving

48" tall, 61" wide. hearth 37" tall, 36" wide
162.Cast Iron Stove / Water Heater

heavy, but two strong people should be able to manage it
42" x 15", 22" tall
163.Large Stained Glass Window

with damage
32" x 52"
164.54" Woodworker's Vise

165.Plaster Plant Stand, Greek Ladies

Chip at top
28" tall
166.9 Sections of Iron Racking

167.Heavily Carved Side Table

27" tall
168.Brass Fireplace Fender, purchased in Scotland

54" long
169.Very Large Stained Glass Window from a Church, with damage

heavy and fragile, bring ample help
87" x 53"
170.Marble (or other stone) Pedestal

currently separates into 5 easily manageable sections, you may want to investigate how to more permanently bond them together

171.Extra Large Pair of Primitive Palace Style Doors with Cast Iron Inserts

172.White Fireplace Mantle

173.Extra Large Arch Shaped Transom Window

81" long, 27" tall
174.Art Tiles Adhered to A Dresser's Gallery

40.5" long, 16" tall
175.Cast Iron Crucifex

39" tall
176.Entry Door with Beveled Glass (damaged) and nice Handle

79.2"5 x 35.75"
177.Fire Hydrant, Cast Iron, No. 3, Eclipse, St. Louis

36" tall
178.Set of Antique Pocket Doors with Hardware

179.Art Tiles on Dresser Gallery

48" wide, 21" tall
180.Ornamental Cast Iron Plate

I was told that this came from the estate of an old Pittsburgh Iron Worker, probably was pulled from a bridge during a renovation.
38" x 11.5"
181.Cast Iron Fireplace Cover Plate with Deer

20" wide, 26" tall
182.Marble Top Sink Top with Faucets

30" wide, 20" deep
183.Set of 3 Matching Aluminum Art Deco Ceiling Lights, Lunax Alzak Reflector by Curtis Lighting of Chicago

the reflectors easily disassemble from the reflectors

184.Cast Iron Fireplace Surrounding Plate

185.Victorian Era Entry Door with Etched Glass Window

96" x 36"
186.Fireplace Mantle with 3 Beveled Glass Mirrors

80" tall, 62" wide
187.Antique Drawer Hardware

188.Long Coat Rack Hooks

189.Dresser Glass Knobs, Drawer Pulls, and Hardware

190.Drawer Pulls for Vintage Dressers

191.Batwing Style Drawer Pulls

192.Door Locks and Knobs

193.Door Hardware and Coat Hooks

194.2 Trays of Hinges, many are Brass

195.Furniture Castors (wheels) and Tray of Misc. Hardware

196.Ornate Drawer Pulls and Gas Light Hardware

197.Oak Threshold or Gallery

needs 2 pieces glued back together
82" long
198.Cast Iron Plate with Art Deco Motif

199.2 Carved Wooden Round Mounts, 2 Finials, other Wood Decor

200.Heavy Brass Towel Bar, Towel Bar Brackets, Mounts

201.2 Hand Forged Iron Locks with Key

202.2 Hand Forged Iron Locks with Key

203.Chandelier plus 2 Trays of Glass Prisms and Mountings

204.Pair of Smaller Iron Andirons

205.3 Cast Metal Lamp Bases

206.8 Stamped Brass Mounts

207.16" Forged Iron Key

208.2 Carved Wood Wall Sconce Lights

1 is okay, 1 will need to be repaired

209.3 Vintage Light Shades

210.2 Similar (not exactly a pair) of 1940s Era Courtroom or Office Chairs

211.Grecian Column Planter. Lightweight, made of plastic

212.2 Rough Cut Oak Church Pew Seats (no bases)

213.Oval White Porcelain Sink Basin

214.54" Farmhouse Sink, Enameled Porcelain

215.Large Mushroom Cap Style Schoolhouse Light Fixture

216.Brass Wall Sconce Candle Holders

217.Brass Fireplace Screen with Courtyard Scene

One leg will need to be glued

218.2 Wooden Wall Paper Stencil Blocks

219.Tall Candleabra Candlestick

will need repair

220.Small Cast Iron Barn Pulley

221.Medium Cast Iron Barn Pulley

222.Large Cast Iron Barn Pulley

223.Brass Folding Fireplace Screen

224.66" Double Basin Farmhouse Style Enamel Sink

225.Cast Iron Bathroom Sink (heavy)

226.55" Cast Iron Beam to a Balance Scale

227.Art Deco Era Aluminum Gate and Posts

228.Art & Crafts Era Mirror

229.2 Wooden Wall Paper Stencil Blocks

230.Very Large (53" diameter) Antique Chandelier in White Paint

will need repair

231.Wood Porch Column from a Victorian Home

91" tall
232.1900s or Earlier, Fireplace Stove or Mantle , Ceramic Art Tile

12 boxes of wrapped tile blocks. Must be extremely impressive once installed, but we did not attempt to actually assemble. Was imported from Germany 20 years ago and has sat boxed up since import. Very heavy boxes, bring strong help.

The last pictures show examples of what this MAY look like when assembled, I just googled "ceramic tile stove", I don't have a clue what this actually looks like when assembled.

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