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African Tribal Art - Coming Soon 7:00

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A.This auction is still being assembled, check back for additional items and details regarding dates. We are hoping to have this end sometime in January.

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Coming in January,


124 Hinds Street, Rochester, PA


To Be Determined,


To Be Determined,

100.Cast Bronze Head

26" tall, possibly benin.

101.Wooden Stool. 17" tall

Hand carved in elephant form

102.African Statue. Double sided figure

28" tall.

103.African Statue, carved wood. man with staff.

26" tall.

missing left hand

104.Tall Statue of an African Man

29" tall

105.Hand Carved Game Board, Mancala

29" long

106.Ceremonial Pottery Bowl, possibly from Nigeria, with damage.

Large at 14" tall and about 14" wide.

terracotta earthenware,

107.African Helmet Mask

Staple repairs, 15" tall.

108.Cauri Shell Hat

109.Polychrome Mask with Shells on Burlap.

Wood with Painted Tin. 12" tall, about 17" long.

110.Double Headed Bronze Sculpture

20" tall

111.Very Large Mask with Bulbous Cheeks

approximately 2' tall

112.Mask with 2nd Head.

22" tall

113.Carved Statue. A Seated Nursing Mother

20" tall

114.Large Mask, Monkey Face with Scrollwork and Second Head

115.Painted Wooden Stool. Figural Of Mother with Child.

22" tall.

116.Slender Mask with Second Animal Head

26" tall. Damage at upper ears

117.Small Bronze Mask, Horse Face

13" tall

118.Very Large African Mask

2' in Height

119.Male African Figure

29" tall

120.Female African Figure

27" tall

121.Male Carved Figure

23" tall

122.Helmet Mask with Painted Face

16" tall

123.Earthenware Vase, Terracotta with Incised Lines

24" tall

124.Large Mask with Animal on Top and Straw

(mask) 18" tall, 12" long

125.Dogon Window Shutter

30" x 19"

126.Dogon Window Shutter

30" x 19"

127.Female Figure

26" tall.

128.Helmet Mask

16" tall

129.Carved Monkey Face Mask with White Paint

24" tall

130.Very Large Free Standing Male Statue

46" tall

131.Very Large Nursing Mother Statue

39" tall

132.Seated Figure with Arms Raised

23" tall

133.Mask with Bird's Beak, Export Type

22" tall

134.Traditional Congolese Figurine, Fetish effigy of Nkisi Nkondi Fetish with Glass Eyes and Nails

31" tall

135.Female Figure

23" tall

136.3 Figures. 12" to 15" tall.

137.Cast Bronze Leopard Figurine, Benin Tribe of Nigeria


138.Ashanti Fertility Fetish and 4 Modern Masks

139.Large Mask

17" tall

140.Wicker Canteen with Cauri Shells

16" tall.

141.Head Statue on Column Base

12" tall

142.Tall Female Figure

27" tall

143.African Mask with "Devil's Horns"

28" tall

144.Tribal Mask

18" tall

145.Painted Mask

26" tall

slight split on side

146.bronze armband

19" as pictured, will stretch and compress like a spring

147.Tribal Mask with Horns

13" tall

148.African Mask in Red Paint

16" tall

149.Primitive Style Mask

13" tall

Wood with Filled Fabric Rolls

150.Beaded Purse

151.Tall Female Figure Standing on Stool

35" tall

152.Tribal Mask with Straw Beard

30" tall.

153.Small Helmet Mask

11" tall

154.Large Helmet Mask with Horns

19" tall

155.Very Large Free Standing Statue

41" tall

156.Very Large Nigerian Mask

24" tall

157.Grotesque Style Mask with Snaggletooth

16" tall

158.Carved Mask with Leather Scalp

16" tall

159.3 Ivory Coast Style Masks

Each about 18" tall.

160.Tribal Mask

15" tall

161.Very Large Free Standing Sculpture

55" tall

162.Very Large Free Standing Sculpture

55" tall

163.Tall Slender Statue, Man with Beard

36" tall

164.Metal Sheath

19" long

165.2 Carved Wooden Figures

17" and 18" tall

166.2 Carved Wooden Masks

each about 13" tall

167.3 Carved Wooden Masks

12" to 14"

168.3 Ivory Coast Masks

169.3 Painted Masks

170.Gourd with Geometric Lines

17" tall

171.Figural Stool

14" tall

172.Carved Mask with Devil's Horns

22" tall

173.Small Stool from the Ivory Coast

7" tall, 13" wide

174.Very Large Painted Mask

34" tall

175.Extra Large Flat Panel with Central Figure

55" x 16"

176.Extra Large Antelope Face Mask

36" tall

177.Stool, Asante Tribe

24" wide, 15" tall

178.Extra Large Carved Antelope and Elephant Lidded Bowl

26" tall, 24" wide

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