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Rochester, PA - Coming Soon

Item Photo Description
299 299_t.JPGAntique dome top steamer trunk

Please make a point to preview the items, we strive to “call out” damage when we see it, or at least, provide detailed photographs, however, we are NOT SPECIFICALLY LOOKING for damage. All items are sold AS-IS, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the description. Furthermore, our descriptions of the items are merely our honest opinion of material, date, or origin of the item, but should not be considered to be absolute fact, please use your own judgment or seek outside experts where necessary.

This item is to be picked up on the scheduled pick up date.

If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to make this date, please contact us BEFORE BIDDING, sometimes alternative arrangements can be made, sometimes they can not.

Bidders who are no shows, or have items that have been intentionally abandoned, will have their credit cards charged for the full price (including taxes and buyer's premium) plus any applicable disposal costs.

We collect payment at the pick up. Bring Cash or a Credit Card with you.

Please do not arrive early, and do not expect access past the scheduled pick up window.

If items are brought back to the warehouse for an alternative pick up – a transportation fee will be applied.

If it is required that an employee make a special trip for you to pick up your items on a different day, you will be responsible for all costs, including time and labor.

You are responsible for the removal of all items from the home, by bidding you are waiving any right to press claim for injury or damage as a result of you removing items.

Bring sufficient help to carry large items, employees do not assist in any aspect of removal or loading.

Bring boxes and packing materials, if so required.

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